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Hi....I'm Asya

and I work out of The Therapy Space in Arundel as a Counsellor, .I am passionate in working with every and each of my clients and committed to providing a  safe space and relationship to support you in whatever your challenge might be.

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How Can I Help You...

During my own counseling journey I came across the quote ”You can only take a client as far as you are prepared to go yourself” I started my journey in the client`s chair and found out for myself how  invaluable  is to have a space you feels safe and free from judgment .  This is what I offer you.


Life is diverse and unique  life is and  never fails to presents us with challenges, that at times you may find it difficult to find a way through on your own or even with support from family and friends. Sometimes we might even not be entirely aware of where the difficulty is, you may feel stuck or restless, anxious, depressed or on edge or faced with a life change.


As an Integrative counselor ,with person centered core training allows me to employ different prospective into the work, this is your space and you have autonomy over the process.


I have been lucky to have a wide experience from previous  settings  working with adjusting to life changes ,loss , bereavement ,also working through  anxiety, depression  and traumatic experiences. I have particular passion in working with new parents and all joy,but also challenges  and impact on emotional,  physical and relational  wellbeing that this may also bring. 

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