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Hi....I'm Carol

and I work out of The Therapy Space in Arundel and it is a privilege to assist you to move forward with your life, in a direction that leads to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling you.  You are driving their own car along the journey of self-discovery and healing - I am there to help you to navigate on that journey.

If you feel ready to take the jump, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am more than happy to have an initial conversation to help you discern what you might like to achieve in therapy and to decide if I am the right therapist for you. 

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How Can I Help You...

My clients often come to see me when their lives have been uprooted.  Whether you are finding your way again after the end of a long-term relationship, feeling stuck and unsure about your life, dealing with the complexities of relationship or you have suffered a heart-breaking loss, I am here to help you navigate the journey. 

I imagine that you are looking for a safe, nurturing, and supportive space where you can feel heard without judgement. 

I understand from my own personal experiences how feeling lost, directionless, and unsure of what your future holds can feel like.  It is easy to only focus on all the mistakes and failures and finding out there is much more to it in the therapy room can help. 

My therapist helped me to feel seen, heard and understood.  I was able to start unpacking all the reasons I had ended up sitting opposite him.  It is safe to say that therapy transformed my life.  It helped me to make sense of who I am, face perceived limitations and it gave me the tools make healthier decisions.  My experience of therapy led me to want to help others to have the same opportunity in their lives.  I made the decision return to school where, in 2011, I studied psychotherapy in Toronto, Canada gaining a Diploma in Spiritual and Integrative Psychotherapy. 

This is why I feel passionate about facilitating a conversation between us to support you to bring about a deeper insight into why you behave the way you do, why you’ve made the choices you’ve made, and what changes you can make going forward.  We will work collaboratively to help you overcome the issues you are experiencing, to understand and manage emotions, develop healthier thought patterns and to build better relationships. 

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